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Samui Song

by Pen-ek Ratanaruang

Drama, 2017 , 1h 48min

Germany, Norway, Thailand

Viyada, a Thai soap opera actress in her 30s, is married to Jerome, a rich foreign national. Though their marriage started out happily, Jerome has lately become increasingly controlling as he gets more involved with Buddhakaya, an alternative religious sect founded by a powerful figure named the Holy One, whom Jerome reveres. However, Viyada is not a follower. Soon the abbot also comes to visit the couple’s house- hold. But his latest visit with Viyada leaves the woman violated and shaken. She believes that Jerome might have even consented to this violation.

This is precisely when Viyada meets Guy Spencer, a suave drifter with a shady past whom she encounters at a hospital canteen. He insinuates himself towards her and, in a moment of weakness, she agrees to his offer to have her husband killed – for a price.

Soon, a murder plan is set. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong. Guy is forced to lie low, and he is unable to track Viyada down. Worse, he is suddenly being followed by dangerous men.

As for Viyada, she must take drastic measures in order to escape once and for all from the influence of The Holy One.