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Initials S.G.

by Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia

Drama, 2019

Argentina, Lebanon, United States

Sergio Garces thinks himself a suave, attractive, talented Argentine man. He is in his 50’s, but he thinks he’s still 35. He lives in Buenos Aires, drinks a lot, and smokes a ton of weed. He wears fitted clothes, and walks and talks like a gigolo. His friends call him “Francés” on account of the fact that when he was younger he recorded an album of Spanish language covers of Serge Gainsbourg songs, and ultimately believes himself to possess a certain French quality. He scrapes by in life by getting odd acting jobs here and there, mostly as an extra in films that shoot around town. At the same time, to make ends meet, he also does the occasional porn job if it happens to fall into his lap – but his real passion, his dream, is to be an actor, a real artist. But after getting into a bike accident that ruins his face, he gets fired from an upcoming job and begins finding it increasingly difficult to land work.

Around the same time, a small film festival starts up in Buenos Aires, and naturally Sergio attends. There, he meets an American woman named Jane , 47, who is in town on business. Soon enough, Sergio and Jane are involved in somewhat of a “festival fling,” although Sergio is a bit reluctant, mainly because he thinks he can get younger women.